Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Immigrant, Nationalist and Proud: A Twitter Analysis of Indian Diaspora Supporters for Brexit and Trump, Media and Communication (Volume 7, Issue 1; special issue ‘Communicating on/with Minorities’),

Hindutva as a Variant of Right-wing Extremism, Patterns of Prejudice, forthcoming


Book Chapters

From Cyber-Hindutva to Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar: (Trans)national Entanglements of Indian Diaspora Political Integration, in Patterns of Political Integration in Indian Diaspora Societies, ed. Ruben Gowricharn, Routledge, forthcoming

Framing ‘A Second Independence Struggle’: Social Media Dynamics in India’s Anti-corruption movement, co-authored with Siddharth Bannerjee, in The Oxford Handbook of Political Communication in India, ed. Lion König, Oxford University Press, forthcoming


Book Reviews

Republic or Death! Travels in Search of National Anthems by Alex Marshall, Nations and Nationalism (Volume 23, Issue 2), April 2017



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Why do some Indian-Americans support Trump? Here is what they told me, Barfi Culture, 20 July 2018

Multiculturalism and the Problems of Post-Racialism, Issue #2 ‘Pluralism’, Filosofisk Supplement, Spring 2018

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Rewriting history: The ongoing controversy over textbooks in India, South Asia @ LSE, 1 June 2016

What does Modi’s personal popularity tell us about India’s political landscape?South Asia @ LSE, 8 February 2016

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